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** This session includes a 45 minute Zoom or In Person review of your

Soul Profile Reading**


What are your Divine Gifts? Who are you truly at Soul level?

Discover your Soul Gifts & Talents release Negative Patterns (-VE) &

Belief Systems (BS) that are preventing you from making positive

Shifts Happen in your life.


Signs of -VE Patterns & BS can be lack of focus, feelings of disempowerment and general mental & emotional fatigue.


Soul Profile Reading includes:


* Recording of your Soul Profile reading will be sent to your email with-in 7 days 
* Follow-up ~ 45  Minute Zoom to review your Soul Profile Readin


Looking forward to working with you on your self Empowerment journey!

Cheers, Kelly


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Akashic Records/Soul Profile Reading

Excluding GST/HST
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    Cheers, Kelly

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