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Let's make Shifts Happen!


What negative belief systems and negative patterns are preventing you from living the life you desire?


This unique program is designed specifically for you ~ together we will clear negative belief systems and patterns that are preventing you from making positive Shifts Happen in your life.


Signs of negative belief systems & patterns can be lack of focus, feeling of disempowerment and general mental, emotion and physical fatigue. ​


Shift Happens program includes:


* Recording of your Soul Gifts will be sent to your email with-in 7 days 
* Follow-up ~ 45  Minute Zoom session to review Divine Gifts and Soul Alignment strategies

* 22 Day Clearing Mantra

* Alignment workbook with Journal

* 60 minute Zoom session~ Therapeutic Energetic Balancing session ~ to release patterns manifesting in your mind & body. 

(Modalities & Techniques that may be used in your TEA session are NLP, Reiki, Energetic Balancing and Meditation )

* Monthly meditation


Making  "Shifts Happen" is your key to Success!


Looking forward to working with you on your Alignment  & Self ~Empowerment Journey!
Cheers, Kelly 

Shifts Happen ~ 2 month program

Excluding GST/HST
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