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**This is a Distance session via Zoom **


Therapeutic Energetic Alignment (TEA) bridges the gap between manual bodywork and energy medicine. Our body stores patterns of physical tension  ( poor ergonomics, trauma, surgery and general life circumstances etc.) as well as unresolved emotions, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness, fears, and phobias in the tissues. 

"TEA" works with energy dynamics of anatomy and physiology in the body and aids in releasing both acute and chronic patterns. The body is a dynamic unit of function meaning that mind, body and spirit are interconnected and interdependent, and are constantly changing and evolving . 

Therapeutic Energetic Alignment is unique in that it addresses and treats all aspects at the same time! The technique itself is simple, effective, non-invasive and integrative. 
Combining Energetic Balancing, Reiki and Akashic Records. my "TEA" approach is performed off the body and integrates mind, body and spirit in a focused manner at the core level of dysfunction.

We will work together  to help you find clarity, release tension, and feel empowered to make the changes needed to optimize your physical and emotional health & well being.


**Each session begins with an Energetic Body Scan and Orthopedic Evaluation of the area in the body that show lines of tension**

TEA session ~ Therapeutic Energetic Alignment

GST/HST Included
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