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"Welcome to Practice the Pause Meditations,' a transformative 30-minute collection featuring five guided meditations designed to guide you through the art of pausing, finding stillness, and nurturing your well-being. This specially curated bundle features five unique meditations, each accompanied by 3 affirmations, totaling 15 affirmations to enrich your practice.


Possessions (7.33 minutes): Immerse yourself in a calming exploration of your relationship with possessions. Let the gentle rhythm of this meditation guide you towards gratitude and contentment. Following the meditation, three affirmations will anchor the positive energy within, fostering appreciation for the abundance in your life.

Compassion (6.23 minutes): Cultivate compassion within as you embark on a heartfelt journey. This meditation encourages the opening of your heart, radiating kindness not only to others but also towards yourself. Three affirmations follow, reinforcing the compassionate energy cultivated during your practice.

Emotional Balance (5.55 minutes): Find your emotional equilibrium with this meditation, designed to bring calm and balance to the storm of emotions. Followed by three affirmations, this session will empower you to respond to life's challenges with a centered and composed demeanor.

Presence (6:43 minutes): Immerse yourself in the present moment with this meditation. Allow the breath to guide you, anchoring your awareness to the now. Three affirmations follow, encouraging you to savor the richness of each moment and fostering mindfulness in your daily life.

Inner Child (6:15 minutes): Connect with your inner child in this nurturing meditation, embracing the innocence and joy that resides within you. Following the meditation, three affirmations will support you in honoring and caring for your inner child, creating a space for healing and self-love.


Embark on this journey of self-discovery, pausing to reflect, recharge, and rediscover the beauty within. Allow these meditations and affirmations guide you towards a more centered, compassionate, and balanced way of being."


"Shifts Happen when you Practice the Pause"

Create a great day!

Cheers, Kelly

Practice the Pause Meditations

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