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Catherine A, Barrie, Ontario

Excellent! My PausePoint Distant session was wonderful! We worked on exactly the right areas that created a big impact"

Suzanne S., Victoria,BC

"Kelly has a unique gift to be able to pinpoint the exact trouble spots and realign my body,
mind and spirit"

Debbie S., Victoria, BC

"Kelly is a fantastic  manual therapist, trust me she will find your pain points!.
Her honesty, kindness and professionalism
is a rare find."

Melanaie K, Victoria, BC

"Hands down one of the BEST treatments I have ever received" I was skeptical at first but, WOW!
Thank you Kelly

Denna J., Victoria, BC

"It was like a manual therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy session All in one! I could feel my body unwinding!

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