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'Practice the Pause Meditations,' a transformative 30-minute journey designed to empower you in cultivating intentional moments of pause, fostering stillness, and nurturing your overall well-being. This comprehensive bundle encompasses five unique meditations, each paired with three affirmations, providing you with a total of 15 affirmations to enhance your practice.


Family (6.23 minutes): Delve into a reflective meditation exploring the dynamics of family connections. This session encourages you to pause, appreciate, and navigate the complexities of familial relationships, promoting a deeper understanding and connection.


Personal Boundaries (6.23 minutes): Explore the importance of setting and maintaining personal boundaries in this meditation. By practicing the pause, you can gain clarity on your limits, empowering you to create healthier and more balanced relationships.


Desires (5.41 minutes): Take a moment to pause and reflect on your desires with this meditation. By connecting with your innermost aspirations, you can align your actions and intentions, creating a pathway towards fulfillment and personal growth.


Gut Instincts (7.18 minutes): Tune into your intuition with this meditation designed to help you practice the pause and trust your gut instincts. By cultivating awareness, you can navigate life's decisions with greater confidence and authenticity.


Dreams (7.27 minutes): Immerse yourself in a contemplative meditation focused on your dreams and aspirations. The pause in this session allows you to connect with your deepest ambitions, inspiring purposeful actions to bring your dreams to fruition.


*This collection provides a diverse range of meditations, each accompanied by affirmations, to support you in integrating the practice of pausing into various aspects of your life.


Embark on this journey of self-discovery, pausing to reflect, recharge, and rediscover the beauty within. Allow these meditations and affirmations guide you towards a more centered, compassionate, and balanced way of being.


"Shifts Happen when you Practice the Pause"

Create a great day!

Cheers, Kelly

Practice the Pause Meditations #2

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