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'Practice the Pause' and make every day a masterpiece of alignment and achievement. Your transformation starts here!


The Practice the Pause Toolkit  is your all-inclusive companion for intentional living. This bundle seamlessly combines a daily/weekly planner with a transformative collection of meditations and affirmations, fostering Alignment, productivity, and Self-Empowerment.


Key Features:

Dynamic Planner: Practice the Pause weekly ~ Elevate your daily routine with a meticulously crafted fillable planner. This intuitive layout ensures easy use, keeping you aligned and self-empowered throughout the week


Meditations & Affirmations Bundles:


 Bundle #1 (Included):

  • 5 Meditations (30 minutes in total): Immerse yourself in a curated collection of guided meditations, designed to encourage moments of pause, reflection, and centering throughout the week.

  • 15 Affirmations: Elevate your mindset with affirmations crafted to inspire and motivate, fostering a positive and empowered outlook.


Possessions : 7.33 minutes * take a listen* 

Compassion : 6.23 minutes 

Emotional Balance : 5.55 minutes 

Presence : 6:43 minutes

Inner Child 6:15 minutes


 Bundle #2

  • 5 Meditations (30 minutes in total): Explore additional sessions focused on family, personal boundaries, desires, gut instincts, and dreams, providing a holistic approach to your overall well-being.

  • 15 Affirmations: Reinforce positive intentions with affirmations tailored to each meditation, amplifying the transformative power of your practice.


Family:  ~ 6.23 minutes

Personal Boundaries: ~ 6.23 minutes * take a listen*

Desires: ~ 5.41 minutes

Gut Instincts: ~ 7.18 minutes * take a listen*

Dreams : ~ 7.27 minutes


This comprehensive bundle is your go-to resource for intentional living, offering transformative tools to enhance productivity and self-awareness.

As a digital download, you'll have immediate access to this transformative toolkit!


'Shifts Happen when you Practice the Pause"

Create a great day!

Cheers, Kelly 


*Your purchase includes one downloadable file, providing you with a holistic 'Practice the Pause' experience to infuse purpose and focus into each day of your life."


*Nothing will be physically mailed to you, and please note that print colors may vary from the actual photo.

Practice the Pause Tool Kit

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